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About Meduza Irish Pub

MEDUZA's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Tirana, is an authentic Irish pub. From the real Irish ingredients used in the preparation of the delicious dishes, to the exceptional pints of Guinness and many other irish, albanian and international drinks.
At MEDUZA Irish Pub & Restaurant, we have recreated those elements that make the great pubs of Ireland truly unique. In a genuine Irish pub, there is a special confluence of decor and atmosphere, spirit and charm, that allows patrons to relax and feel 'at home and at peace'; where one can enjoy the gentle art of conversation, revel in Hard Rock music or simply enjoy a quiet moment of reflection. When coupled with extraordinary Gaelic food and drink the essential elements are in place for a night of 'craic' with family and friends both new and old.
It's said that "the Irish don't drink a lot, they just socialize where they happen to serve drink". Such is the reality at Meduza Irish Pub & Restaurant where on most every night you will discover a complex collection of characters and conversations, laughter and tears, peace and quiet, rowdiness and raucousness, all under the watchful eye of the ever-friendly bartenders.